Mortgage Broker Exeter - Ian Riddle


The role of a mortgage broker is to provide clients with unbiased, honest advice:

  • Help them understand how a mortgage works.
  • Help them arrive at the correct decision.
  • Help them find the best possible solution.
  • My Commitment

    I respond to all client enquiries within a maximum of 24 hours. I’ll spend as much time as is necessary to ensure that clients fully understand all the information and options available to them. If I feel unable to help for any reason then there’ll be NO CHARGE for my time and advice. Clients only pay fees when they instruct me to act on their behalf, I undertake a particular piece of the mortgage business and secure them a loan.

    Working with Westexe

    Westexe has successfully helped property buyers realise their dreams for over 40 years. Through them, I've access to all UK mortgage lenders, not just some.


    Working through Westexe I can offer advice on all types of mortgages and remortgages.

    • First-time buyers
    • Poor credit rating
    • Buy to let
    • Right to buy
    • Self employed
    • 2nd charges

    Ian Riddle is an independent mortgage broker working in conjunction with Westexe Mortgage Solutions.

    Westexe Mortgage Solutions Ltd are Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

    An Exeter-based Mortgage Advisor

    A Mortgage can be defined as a loan that one is given by a bank or a mortgage lender to purchase a house. It is very difficult to purchase a home or property with the current economic situation in the world and a mortgage is an answered prayer for many people. One can either get a mortgage directly from the bank or use mortgage brokers. The choice lies with an individual, but there are so many benefits that one can get by opting for a mortgage broker Exeter. Here are some of the advantages of working with a mortgage broker Exeter.

    Finding you the lowest mortgage rates possible

    Different banking institutions have different rates. Some are high some are lower. It is also possible for a bank to lower interest rates when one negotiates, but the problem is that as a lay person, it is very difficult to know if there are any hidden charges. By working with a mortgage broker Exeter one is able to get the lowest rates possible because the work of mortgage brokers is to find the best mortgage providers with affordable rates for their clients. They have the education and experience to know if there are any hidden charges.

    You get free mortgage advice

    Banks have many products that they can give to their clients and many of them will only give their clients the different mortgage plans that they have. It is different with a mortgage broker Exeter because they have a long list of clients who offer mortgages. They are aware of the different plans that are available in the industry. This means that you will get great advice from the mortgage brokers.

    Help you choose the right mortgage plan

    A mortgage is a good way of owning a home, but it can be very straining for a person if the right plan is not chosen. A good mortgage plan is one that one is able to pay for without having any difficulties. A mortgage broker Exeter is able to help you choose the right plan based on your income. You can also be given the plan to work with in order to qualify for a better mortgage.

    With all these benefits, it is clear that working with mortgage brokers is a good thing. There are so many mortgage brokers in the industry today and to be able to enjoy all these benefits, it is important that one gets a good mortgage broker Exeter. You will need to look into the experience level that the mortgage broker has. The more time the broker has been in the industry the knowledge he/ she has of the industry. This means that he/she works with many lenders who also offer good rates. For one to be a good mortgage broker Exeter, he or she has to be able to understand how everything works. This means that his or her level of education in the financial sector is very important. It is, therefore, important to check the credentials of the broker before accepting to sign any agreement.